Friday, February 22, 2008

My Apologies!

OK, so maybe I was a bit rushed. I’ve been feeling bad about not getting a post out there so I just threw something on the blog. So there are two sorrys…One for not posting for a while and one for posting a bit too hastily…Geesh!

My biggest apology though is for not getting to see everyone. (Sorry Amy, Brian, and Avery AND Dana and Dimples.) I know you understand, but we would have liked to see everyone. We are always sorry that there’s never enough time. With any luck, Max and Mommy will be coming to Chicago land for a week this summer with or without Daddy!

Yes, Auntie Em is right, riding with her is ALWAYS and adventure, but our adventure started in Baltimore. We took the SUV to get to the parking lot and then a bus came to pick us up and take us to the airport. Although it was a short trip it was an adventure none the less. We got to airport and you rode in your car seat, as mentioned previously. You were so tired by the time we got on the plane you fell asleep for take-off. During the flight you woke up and had some lunch and during the landing you did so good, you didn’t even need your paci, so your ears must not have been bothering you one bit. Once we collected our luggage we trekked out to meet Auntie Em. So now you’ve taken an SUV, a bus, a plane, and a car all the way to Grandmas. Oh! I almost forgot to mention potholes! OH MY GOSH! The POTHOLES! I wish I had a picture. No one in Maryland would believe how many and how big the potholes are. It’s ridiculous! So pothole dodging…that was an Adventure!
I found this picture with the following caption:
"Motorists navigate past a pothole in the northbound lanes of Cicero Avenue at Archer Avenue in Chicago. (Tribune photo by Bonnie Trafelet / February 8, 2008)"
Once we finally made it over the river and through the skies to grandma’s house, boy were you tired and a bit cranky. Ya, you get a little cranky sometimes, but hey you’re allowed. So you took a nap. After that, I think Aunti Em pretty much summed it up.

Your Visit To Chicago...

Wow your mom did NOT do your visit to Chicago justice with her last post! So much happened in those 3 very short days you were here, no one would even believe your adventures. First of all, when you arrived in Chicago your Auntie Em (thats me) was patiently waiting to pick you up and drive you to Grandma's! I'm not sure if anyone told you but Auntie Em does not drive that often, so riding with her is ALWAYS an adventure. You played a lot with your new rattles...we won't mention the time you threw it at Grandma and hit her in the head ;)

On Friday, we went down to visit Great Grandma Helen. Three generations in one room and no one got a picture! We did however, get a picture of her feeding you your bottle. Maybe that's why you liked her so much!

The trip to Grandma Helen's tuckered all of us out so a nap was necessary for everyone! You really liked your bed at Grandma and Grandpa's!

It was really good that you got a lot of rest that afternoon because later on that evening, 11 people came over for 'Grandpa's Birthday'...but really I think Grandpa was the only one there for his Birthday...everyone else came to meet you!

The rest of the time you spent pondering life...

Sucking your knuckles...

Pondering some more...

Watching your mobile (which you thought was the coolest and cried when it stopped so Auntie Em would wind it up some more)... And wondered if Grandma would ever stop calling you Susie Snowflake...

All in all, you first trip to Chicago was so much fun your mommy said you were tuckered out for days when you got home! We miss you already and can't wait for a second visit to Chicago. Thank you for being a super good boy on the plane, we were worried if you were bad your mom wouldn't bring you back!

I love you KS (knuckle Sucker)! See you soon!

Auntie Em

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Max Update….

Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve had an update on Max! Going back to work has taken a bit of getting used to. I can’t quite get into the swing of posting something when I get home, but I’ll try to be better. Plus, I really don’t get to see him do much by the time I get home.

At Max’s doctor appointment on February 12th he was a whopping 24 ½ inches and 14 pounds 5 ounces. He’s growing crazy fast and I really can’t believe how big he is.

Last weekend he had his first plane ride to Chicago and he did awesome. He wheeled his way through the airport in his car seat just looking all around and soaking everything in. The people at the airport couldn’t believe how big and alert he was for only being 10 weeks old. We were quite impressed that the whole airplane experience didn’t really seem to faze him much. Hopefully it will stay like that!