Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quickie update

Allie is still NOT walking.  This is a sore spot with all of us.  It is so frustrating and upsetting.  We can't figure out why she just won't let go of anything.  Sure, she walks around the furniture and she will push things around, she just won't let go.  She will even walk holding one of our fingers, so we are not holding her up so much, but she just won't let go.  It think all of us have had dreams that she is walking, but no luck.  Infants and Toddlers is coming in February to evaluate her, hopefully we will be able to call and cancel that appointment.  She will pee pee on the potty a couple times a day, if we are home and she has the chance.  This all got started because she stood up in the tub and told daddy she had to go, he put her on the potty and she went.  So we are working on it.  She has been BINK FREE for two days (hopefully Grammy won't give in today).  This is amazing because I feel like she is getting all her teeth at once, but it needed to happen.  Her face is really rashy all around her mouth and we are guessing it is because of that bink.
Max has been doing really well.  He is just a really funny kid, still, always and hopefully forever will be.  There are definitely moments with him.  For instance, he HATES dinner and fights us about it nearly every night.  The problem is, if we just let him not eat, he gets up in the middle of the night crying that his tummy hurts.  Oh the joys of parenting!  He got a Kidz Bop CD for Christmas and knows every word to every song.  He remembers everything and tells us all the time he is an elephant.  He loves school and next year will be going three days, all day.  I think he will strive in that environment and do great things. 

We went to the aquarium yesterday.  I was pointing out different fish to Max and tell him their names and asking him if he could find them in the tanks.  When we were nearly through, he said "Mommy, how do you know about all these fish?"  I hated to tell him their pictures and their names were right above their tanks.  I think all of our favorite was seeing Calypso the three finned sea turtle and of course the dolphin show.