Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Conversations with Max

Boy OH Boy! Max is just a talking machine. He loves to tell stories, ask questions, tease, tell jokes. He's just so funny. We spend lots of time in the car together during the week since he is at daycare 3 days. It takes us about 30 minutes to get to and from daycare so that's an hour a day before and after work that we have time, basically, to ourselves. Allie does "chime in" once in a while, but she usually just listens to big brother.

Yesterday we were in the car and he asked me if birds were awake all the time, even at night. I told him that they slept at night just like he did. I then went on to tell him that owls and bats were nocturnal (yes, I know bat's aren't birds). I asked him if he could say nocturnal and he said nocturtle. I sort of chuckled and corrected him. He then said nocturnal correctly, thought a second and then said..."I like nocturtle better. It's like knock it off turtle!" We both had quite a good laugh from that one. He also went on to tell me that there were two types of bats...ones that could fly, and ones that couldn' the kind you play with. HA!

Earlier this week Max was up very early as he is most days because it's light out so early (Yes! He does have room darkening shades). He came into our room and used our bathroom and I asked him to go back quietly to his room. About 10 minutes later I heard the toilet down the hall flush. Not wanting to go see what was up I waited until he came back to our room, oh 15 or 20 minutes after the flush. I asked him why he flushed the toilet he looked at me, wide eyed, and said, "I had my hand's over my ears you weren't supposed to hear that!"