Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Auntie's August Visit

Again, another post that is overdue! Auntie came to visit in August, this trip was on work as they needed me there for a few days for some audits. I flew in early to spend the day with you and as soon as I got to your house your parents skidded out the door...apparently I was baby sitting!!! We played in your pool on the porch, which was a lot of fun, until you started trying to drink the pool!!

I'd get up early just to spend some time with you in the morning, and if you know your auntie at all, you know that's LOVE! Especially considering your house is over an hour drive from my office! And all day all I could think about was driving another hour home to come see you and get home in time for bath time! I gave you a bath every night when I was visiting, including the day you really grossed me out and POOPED ON THE SIDE OF THE TUB! GROSS!!!! You were sitting in the tub and looked at me like you might poop so i scooped you out and I didn't know what to do so I put you on the side of the tub and I thought maybe you decided not to poop, but when I picked you up to put you back in the tub...ewe...a present was already sitting there. Thanks a lot Sausage!

Besides that, I saw your first 'crawl' when I was there. Your mommy and I were sitting talking while you were playing and all the sudden you crawled about one foot but it was enough for your mom and I to get really excited!!! I tried to get you to crawl the rest of the week, but it usually ended up in tears (yours by the way). You got very mad at Auntie about that...and sure enough as soon as I flew back to Chicago you were crawling all around town.