Monday, September 28, 2009


What a fun weekend! Auntie has been working in Boston since July so you flew with your mommy and daddy to come see me. When I picked you up at the airport you came out of the doors and looked at me with a smirk, and when mommy asked you, ‘Who is that?’ you said ‘Auntie!’ and came running to give me a hug….hands down the best part of the trip! I’m so happy that even though I don’t live close to you, you know me. We piled in to my car and drove to have some Taco’s while we waited for Uncle Cashew to arrive from Chicago. You sat on my lap at the restaurant and acted so nice. I think you drank a gallon of water while we sat there. As Grammy likes to say…you’re quite the drinker! While at lunch I asked you…’do you know who we’re going to pick up at the airport?’ you look at me like duhhh auntie, and say ‘Uncle’. We drove back to the airport to pick up Uncle and you were sure happy to see your Uncle Cac-coosew. We drove over to the hotel hoping to check in early and go in the pool but they weren’t ready for us, but we did meet up with a friend Auntie and Mommy went to Milligan with, Jen and her husband Josh and their 2 year old Linnea. You two weren’t sure what you thought about each other at first. Auntie bought you a book about Cookie Monster, or as you refer to him ‘Monster Cookie’ in a very monstery voice. You were all about that book all weekend I’m sure we each read it to you at least 4 or 5 times.

We then went to Fort Independence where you and Linnea ran around and played. You gave Linnea a flower…she dropped it on the ground, but it was still a nice gesture.

We went back to the hotel in time for swimming in the Pool and one of our favorite things right now PIZZEEE! You love PIZZEE almost as much as your Pop does. After Pizzee and swimming, every one was tired so we all went to sleep shortly after that. You were such a good boy, you went right to sleep in a strange place and a strange bed. The next morning, you woke everyone up by calling ‘Uncle!’ ‘Uncle!’ and then through things out of your bed as if you were telling us ‘Come on people, get me out of here! We’re burning daylight.’

We all got up and dressed and were out the door by 9 on our way to Dunkin Donuts to get some ‘Donts’ and then off to ride the train to explore downtown. You and Linnea were so good all day.

We walked and walked and shopped a little, and checked everything out. You never whined or complained and every time we asked you to go to the potty you did. Such a good boy!
We played a little bit at the park.

Then we put you on this seat, and you thought it was a potty...opps! We jumped to get you off of it as fast as we could!

You posed with frogs...

We went back to the hotel so you could take a nap while the big kids played games, then went back into the pool, and all ate dinner. We called Grammy and Pop in Chicago and you were so tired you talked gibberish most of the time and sang the ‘Rock You’ song over and over and over and over….Again you went to sleep right away, after a couple rounds of ‘Monster Cookie’.

You woke up early on Sunday morning, but every time the air conditioner kicked on it lulled you back to sleep, until Auntie’s alarm on her phone went off at 6:30 am…when I jumped up to get it you were sitting up in your bed and said ‘Hi Auntie’. So much for sleeping in a little later. You snuggled a lot with Uncle and read books, played Miss Mary Mack with Auntie. Then we all got dressed, packed up the car and headed to the aquarium for the day. You were wearing a Halloween shirt that had a mummy on it and when anyone asked what was on your shirt you would reply ‘Mommy!’. You really liked the fishes but I think you were even more excited about the PIZZEE you had for lunch.

We piled in the car to head to the airport and you were sleeping within about 3 minutes. Your daddy was even able to get your car seat out of the car while you were in it, hook it up to the stroller wheels and wheel you into the airport with out as much as a peep from you. You slept about another hour until it was time to go through security. Mommy said you were such a good boy on the plane you just sat on her lap the whole time while her and daddy took a little nap!

Here are some of the words you said about 100 times this weekend-

Hi Auntie!
Hi Uncle!
Sorry mommy!
Thanks mommy!
Uncle Cacoosew
Monster Cookie
Where’d it go?
All done! All done!
Milk and Cookies?
All aboard (some times sounds more like Albert)
Auntie phone, auntie phone (usually while trying to feel in my pockets for my phone)

Thanks for flying all the way out to Boston to see me! We had such a fun weekend. I miss you already but will see you in a few weeks!

Love and kisses,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend we had a really good time relaxing and just enjoying ourselves. We went to play at the park, Annie's Playground, which is this amazing park built in memory of a little girl. It's really like a kids amusement park, so fun!

See...even daddy had fun getting stuck in the twisty slide with Max.

We even played outside in the pool at home. I don't have any good pictures of him in the pool. They are all dark because it was in the garage to keep him out of the sun. This one I thought was cute though...taken BEFORE, he was naked running around the front yard.

Go Birds Go!

We have a minor league baseball team called the Aberdeen Ironbirds. The stadium is pretty close to our house. We got free tickets from my work and went on Friday night. Our tickets were three rows back between 3rd base and home (closer to home plate). They were quite awesome seats. Max had a BLAST! Oh, he totally thought he was hotstuff, dancing to the music, yelling "CHARGE" at the appropriate times, giving the mascots high five! We lasted until about the 5th inning and then Max got a bit restless so we left. It was a good time! Here are a few pictures of Max enjoying the game.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009