Friday, July 31, 2009

Farm Fair

OK...well, Max's first trip to the Harford County Farm Fair was not quite as we expected. I have to say, Max is more like me than I realized. Let me tell you a little bit about our trip to the fair.

So, we park the car in the red lot, from there we get on a bus..A BUS! Can you believe it, we get to ride on a bus. This is totally exciting for Max who says "BUS!" every 5 seconds until we get on "THE BUS!". It's probably not even 5 minute ride until we are at the fair and he says *VROOM VROOM* the whole way. ( pictures of the bus, didn't think about it, picture a typical cheese wagon with a cute, excited, little Max riding it.)
We get into the fair, go to see the farm animals first up pigs. What do piggies say? *snort, snort* See the piggies, from the safety of the, get me outta this thing momma, I need you to hold me, those piggies are big...but, Max, listen, can you hear them snort just like you do? .....Ya, not so much.

Moving on to the sheep and goats. Look, that goat is putting its hoofs on the fence to talk to Poppa? Nope, no way, get me outta here. Ok, lets go see the cows, what do cows say? *MOOO*

Cows, this is what a cow looks like up close!?! Man, these things are huge! The cows Moo loudly, Max SCREAMS! Grabs at and yells for Poppa, Poppa to the rescue, but really he wants back in the stroller. I try to explain that the cows are just talking to each other just how he talks to Poppa...ya, right mom!
OK, fine, lets go se the tractors. "TRACTOR! VROOM! VROOM!"

After a bit of watching the Antique Tractor Pulls, I say, Max you wanna go see the bunnies? "Ses!" You see, Momma, being a city girl, can only handle so long watching the tractor pulls, and the modern tractors are more exciting than the antique ones, believe it or not. So off we go to see the baby animals, small ponies, the BIG BULL, the BIG PIGGIE, the chickens, ducks, bunnies, etc. It was much of the same with the small animals, but he did get out to pet the duck. Baby piggies, "no", roosters, "no", baby goat, "no".

Look at the size of this Momma!

All in all, if I would have known he would have been so scared, I would have never taken him to the fair. My mom tells me I was exactly the same way. Maybe we'll have better luck next year!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Around the fourth of July every year we try to pick blueberries. This year we went on Friday, the third, and picked 10 pounds right on the nose. That's a lot of blueberries! If we would have weighed Max before and after, they may have had to charge us for another pound. This boy loves him some fruit! Take a look at just how much he's grown since last year!

On the fourth, we had a cookout with some friends at Grammy and Pop's house. The kids had tons of fun playing and splashing in this really cool pool Grammy has.