Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Birthdays, potty's, and a little ape

Little Sausage,
Grandma and Grandpa and I (Auntie) came out for a long weekend just to spend time with you! We got in late on Thursday and peaked into your room...and wow we couldn't believe how big you were! Auntie thought you were almost as tall as her.

Friday after your nap you woke up to a big surprise...a Birthday Party! With PRESENTS! Since we were not going to be there for your party, we decided to have a party a few, 6 weeks early. You had so much fun pulling off the paper and were so curious about what was inside.

Here's a picture of you with your party hat on, about 3 seconds before you snapped the elastic and started crying.
Presents! (Notice the hat is gone).
Hmmm...what's in here?
After that, against your mother's wishes, it was cake time! You loved it so much you screamed when it was gone! Which is kind of your thing right now. You also taught us a good lesson...never put sprinkles on a 10 month old's cake...your mom was trying to get sprinkles out of your nose for about 30 minutes after! Opps!

MMM! Where has this been all my life?
You are getting so big you are even starting to sit on the potty! You've been successful a few times. We are all SOOO proud of !
Your magazine of choice was Better Homes and Gardens! You enjoyed the pictures of the doggies. Which there was surprisingly a lot of.
You always preserving your modesty!
On Saturday we went outside and ran you up and down the drive way. You LOVED your little push car. You're such a little dare devil already!
You stopped to pose with auntie, but just for a minute.

Once we were done, I wanted you to pose for a few pictures with the pumpkins...unfortunately you were not very happy with me that I took you off your car!
Here's one of you 'posing' for me...
Since we also would not be there to see you in your Halloween costume, we dressed you up early, and this time we were a little more successful at posing on the front porch!

You posed with's one of Grandpa!
And Mama and Dada
And the Grand Mum!
I already miss you a bunch and wish I didn't have to wait until Christmas to see you!
I love you Sausage!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Heads

Here's some funny pictures from the farm today that I almost forgot about. Mommy's picture is on another camera, maybe we'll add it later.

Happy Fall

This week Grammy and Ms Mary took Max to Krohs, a nursery to have some fun taking his picture amongst the signs of fall.
Today, we went to Applewood Farms and took a look at the animals in the petting zoo. Here we were looking at the goats. They were cute and took a minute to get used to. There was also a donkey with a cross marking on his back, to remind people that Jesus came to Jerusalem on a burrow, a big black potbelly pig, and some ducks.
Hey! Over here, I found one! Can we take this one home? PLEASE?
OK, I like these, lets take these, can we? Can we?
That's it for a few days in the life of Max. Happy Fall!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Max's TV Debut!

Max made it on the local news twice today! See what good fortunate it is to be a Cubs fan..errr....well at least it gets you on the news (even if they did say you were a she)!

10 months Old

Max!?! You are 10 months old, well, 10 months and one day! That's Crazy Talk!

5 teeth, crawling, pulling himself to standing, even shuffling himself sideways along the fireplace at Grammy's house. (That makes all of us nervous.) It's been a bit of a rough month. He's been sick off and on with this crazy end of summer/ beginning of fall cold everyone seems to have and be passing around. That, coupled with him getting all his teeth at one time has made for a rough month. He's doing really well through all of it. It amazes me at so little how he just sucks it up and keeps on chuggin. You'd think a little kid would just want to sit, be held, and be sad...nope, not Max. He's cheery and trys so hard to not let it get him down. Keeps on keepin' on. It amazes me. Makes me want to be a better mommy for him everyday!

You also made it on the news in Chicago today and you are in the slide show on their website...twice.

Sorry for the lame update, but that's all I've got for now.