Monday, July 21, 2008

July Visit!

Oh little Sausage (thank your Uncle Cashew for that name by the way)! It's been far to long since I have posted and I have missed some key moments. It's actually September when I'm posting pictures from July! Anyway here are some pictures of fun times when you spent a whole week in the midwest!

Your Uncle Shew got a lot better at holding you! He even fed you! That was a big step for the Big Ape.

Grandma let you go swimming in the hot tub, you loved it! It almost put you to sleep every day, don't worry though, they turned the heat off so it wasn't TOO hot.

You got to see all your Grandparents out here along with a lot of other family.

Especially at Girls Day were stuck with all the girls!!!

Lucky for you your cousin Adam, born a couple months after you, was there too! You even tried to steal his bink!

When Grandma was trying to get you and Adam to smile for a picture, she danced around and yelled and thought it was HILARIOUS, Adam did not have the same feeling and wondered who that crazy lady was....

Your Auntie

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nelly said...

very sweet!!! looks like you had a good time!