Friday, October 3, 2008

10 months Old

Max!?! You are 10 months old, well, 10 months and one day! That's Crazy Talk!

5 teeth, crawling, pulling himself to standing, even shuffling himself sideways along the fireplace at Grammy's house. (That makes all of us nervous.) It's been a bit of a rough month. He's been sick off and on with this crazy end of summer/ beginning of fall cold everyone seems to have and be passing around. That, coupled with him getting all his teeth at one time has made for a rough month. He's doing really well through all of it. It amazes me at so little how he just sucks it up and keeps on chuggin. You'd think a little kid would just want to sit, be held, and be sad...nope, not Max. He's cheery and trys so hard to not let it get him down. Keeps on keepin' on. It amazes me. Makes me want to be a better mommy for him everyday!

You also made it on the news in Chicago today and you are in the slide show on their website...twice.

Sorry for the lame update, but that's all I've got for now.

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