Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Go Birds Go!

We have a minor league baseball team called the Aberdeen Ironbirds. The stadium is pretty close to our house. We got free tickets from my work and went on Friday night. Our tickets were three rows back between 3rd base and home (closer to home plate). They were quite awesome seats. Max had a BLAST! Oh, he totally thought he was hotstuff, dancing to the music, yelling "CHARGE" at the appropriate times, giving the mascots high five! We lasted until about the 5th inning and then Max got a bit restless so we left. It was a good time! Here are a few pictures of Max enjoying the game.

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3weemonkeys said...

we had micah's birthday there last summer when we were home! it is a great night out =) my parents actually treated themselves to a season pass this past year and are loving it!!