Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Max, You're 2!

Woah! Hold on a minute! Where have those two years gone? You've grown up so fast right before our eyes, it's unbelievable. By the time your actual birthday got here, you had so many birthdays I don't think you know when your birthday is, but you definately know that you are "TWO".

For your birthday, mommy made you pancakes for breakfast. Then she had to go to work, but Grammy took you on some errands and everyone was so excited to see the big birthday boy! Grammy and Pop got you a brand new bicycle, to which you said, "awesome, cool, cool awesome" when you saw it and you just couldn't thank them enough.

Miss Mary got you a new table, which you also love. You feel so big and important sitting at a table all by yourself, just like a little adult.

Mommy and daddy got you some wood blocks that make a loader, a dump truck and a cement truck, and a wood puzzle with construction vehicles, that you love, you actually were shaking you were so excited!

You really made out at your three birthday parties. Here's a great picture of you playing with some of your loot.

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