Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bethany Beach- July 4th

Here are a few pictures from our 4th of July at Bethany Beach. It rained REALLY hard just before dusk and cleared up not too long before these pictures were taken.

It is a good thing we left Allie up at the house with Grammie, Pop, and Aunt Joan to have a nice bath and cozy into her little bed. It was muggy and damp down by the water and there were these really annoying little gnats that no amount of bug spray would deter.

It was almost funny watching people come down off the boardwalk onto the beach. They would hit the swarms and start flailing around trying to get the little buggers off of them, with no success!

Obviously this guy didn't mind. He did his sparklers, played in the sand, watched the fireworks
and was in his bliss!

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