Friday, March 16, 2012

Indiana Visit and an update on Allie

A month ago we went to Indiana to visit our favorite people!  I didn't get many pictures because, of course, my camera was full (usually it's because my battery is dead).  Here are a couple that did seem to capture quite a bit of all that we did that week.

Allie and Max on the airplane:

 Ella and Allie with their Valentines from Grammie and Pop:
 Allie pushing her baby (Ella) on the tractor:
OK, this needs a little explanation.  My Grandma recently moved to a independent living facility and has her own beautiful apartment.  This is her bed.  She's 90 and she gets into this bed.  I couldn't believe how tall the bed was and had Max stand next to it as a reference.  It just seemed so funny to me.  I think I would have a hard time getting in that bed.
Here's a picture of my adorable Grandma Helen.  She is such a beautiful, kind lady and I'm so glad my kids know her.  Allie wasn't so sure about the new surroundings so she wouldn't participate, but Max loves to get in on the action.
Pop's Daycare...they are all playing so nice!  We couldn't believe he could get all three of them to sit nicely at the table and not fight with each other.
Tyler's Tender is a cute train themed restaurant that has a working train inside.  The train brought our food (Allie pointed at the train and so sadly whispered "Fry Fries" as it went by her with someone elses food.)  She wasn't so thrilled with the train ride. 

Also, I just realized I didn't update on how Allie is doing with her walking.  Infants and Toddlers came out and said she had no confidence in her feet and ankles.  She has hyper mobility in her joints and her ankle bone nearly touches the ground when she's standing.  She has small feet for her size and they still have that baby puffiness to them.  So she's just scared that her feet and ankles are not going to hold her up.  They recommended that we buy insoles for her shoes and see how that helps.  They told us it wouldn't be an immediate fix, but it would possibly give her the confidence she needed to let go.  She's been cruising the furniture since about October, but just would never let go.  Well we ordered the inserts, they came very quick and a week and two days later, she was walking!  Unbelievable!  We were in Indiana and Poppa Legs kept working with her.  He finally got her to stand by herself in the middle of the room.  Then all the sudden she just stood by herself.  The night before we were to come back home she stood up in the middle of the room (for I think the 2nd or 3rd time).  I looked at my mom and asked if she thought she would be walking by the end of the week.  Grammie no sooner said "I don't think so" and Allie took 5 steps across the room to throw herself on my bed that was on the floor!  Funny all this happened while in her feety jammies, not in her new Stride Rites or her insoles that Grammie got her.  Such a stinker!

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