Monday, October 8, 2012

Go Orange!

We have a soccer player in the house!  Max really enjoys playing, but even more, loves going to the field and running around.  He told us that the other day and Michael told him that would be Track...LOL! 

See...You can really tell in this picture how much he loves it!  He has a great time and is totally exhausted when it is all over.
We can't have a post with out the beast!  She is such a joy and such a beast all at the same time.  You can really see it in the picture below.  see "the look".  LOL!  We have our hands full with this one for sure.  Michael calls her our sour patch kid...sometimes she's sweet and sometimes she's sour. 

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nelly said...

Max looks so much like you Heidi!! He's so cute!