Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Knuckle Sucker

Grandma & Grandpa, and Uncle John & I were so happy to spend your first Christmas with you. We snuggled with you and loved you up for 4 days! We were so sad to leave not knowing for sure when we will see you again.

When we were there we had a lot of fun watching you try to find your thumb to suck on. You don't have much control over your arms yet so Grandma Jeannie said you were just laying there waiting for that thing to go flying past so you could try to get it again. You spent more time trying to get it then actually sucking on it but those times that you caught it you were so happy about it. The times you couldn't get it, boy were you mad. You tuck your little thumb between your fingers so tight you can't figure out how to get it out. Because of this, I like to call you Knuckle Sucker because you spend more time sucking on you knuckles then you do your thumb.

Auntie Em

Here are a few pictures of the rare occasions when you hit the jackpot-

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