Monday, April 28, 2008

Month of Firsts

April…whew! That flew by! It was a month of first for our little BIG guy! As you know he got his first cereal, but he also got his first cookie while Grandma and Auntie Em were visiting. As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed it!

He also tried his first sips out of a big boy cup. He wasn't quite as successful at that, and maybe we're pushing it a bit, but it's so fun to try things with him and see what his reaction will be. He will pretty much let you do anything to him, and he will definately let you know when he doesn't like what you're doing, or when you've gone too far. He is practically holding the bottle by himself.
He's also had 1/2 of one Cheerio (yes, you read that right). I was sitting with him while I ate a bowl of cereal before leaving for work, he had already eaten, but kept grabbing at my bowl so I decided to let him try a Cheerio. The first time he just turned his head, grabbed at my bowl again, so I held a piece out in front of him. He grabbed my hand with both of his hands and put it in his mouth. I thought for sure he'd spit it back out. After a minute, I did a swipe through his mouth and gone! I couldn't believe it. I've tried once or twice since then, but he's not interested. Oh, well...soon enough.

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