Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Nannies...

Hi Max,
Grandma and I flew out just to spend some time with you last week. We both took a couple days off work just to play with you for three whole days. We took a couple walks, played outside in the exersaucer, splashed EVERYONE while taking your bath, and you showed us how much you LOVE to Jump. You showed off in front of me (auntie em) and played with grandma trying to avoid eye contact with already know how to tease her!

We had so much fun and where really sad to leave you! You were such a good boy all weekend (beside the first night when you made grandma and I get up 100 times in the night to get your passy...not cool)! We loved being your nannies and wish we could see you everyday!

I love you!
Auntie Em

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