Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 month well visit

On Monday Max had his 6 month well visit. He really does good at his visits. He hates the poking and prodding, but don't we all! He just fusses a little as if saying..."Hey Doc! Cut that out! That really doesn't feel good, is it really necessary?". Then come the shots! He cries for as long as it takes the Dr. to give the shots (very quick, I might add) and for me to pick him up. Once mommy has him, he's fine! Oh, I guess you're probably wanting the stats 29 inches (97th percentile) and 21 lb 2 oz (90-95th percentile). For those of you who know about his head, you'll be proud to know he's moved from the 50th percentile up to the 75th percentile...Geesh!


Erin said...

Wow! He's almost as tall as my little dude! :)

Amy said...

Holy cow, I know boys are bigger, but at 1 yr Avery was 21 lb 9 oz and 31 in!

nelly said...

he's a cutie!! hope you are doing well heidi!! we need to schedule a playdate for august with marissa and whoever if possible ok?? i'll be home the whole month just about, 3rd-28th!!!