Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beach Weekend

Now that Max is 6 months old (I KNOW!?!?!) we decided it was time to take him to the beach. We went "down the ocean", as they say in these parts, for a few days. Max did really well all weekend in a new place. He was sick before we went, I was hoping it was just teething, so we had two rough nights with him in the same room as us, our last night there was fine, but we decided it best that we come home, especially since mommy and daddy are now sick too.

As you can see, he loved the beach. He found the sand very interesting and when he wasn't trying to eat it, he was squishing it in his hands and feet. We washed his hands off in the water and boy oh boy did he like sucking his thumb after that. I don't think we've seen him suck his thumb for that long before.

Its about a 2.5 hour drive to Bethany Beach and Max did really well there and back. He just goes along for the ride, which is fabulous for us. He does like to have company with him back there, but that's OK, because mommy likes to play with him.

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Aunt Joan said...

Aunt Joan and Susie had fun with Max while the Diegel family went to The Grover Market for dinner. Aunt Joan got to take Max for a walk in his stroller, played in the bathtub, and fed him. He was such a good boy! She was practicing for when she becomes a grandmom. Aunt Joan and Susie are now waiting for The Tale of a Baby Human family to come to visit. (Tom, Erin, Ben and Simon). Lots of Love