Saturday, March 7, 2009


It looks like your Mom wanted me to post about our recent trip!! Last month we all decided to escape the cold and meet up in Cape Coral, FL where we rented a house and played all week!
Your mom said you were a really good kid on the plane, which always makes everyone happy! You were really sleep by the time we picked you up at the airport, but we did not care, we all took turns squeezing you up!

We brought our Nintendo Wii, which by the time you are old enough to read and appreciate this blog, will be so old school. Grandma bought you some Maraca's just like the big kids! You played with Grandpa!

It was a little cold for the pool, but Grandma and Grandpa had a big bathtub in their room. So Auntie (that's me) got in and played in the bubble bath with you. Just before this, while grandma was putting your swimming diaper on, you pooped all over the floor...twice!!

One of the cooler days we all went letterboxing.. You've been on several letterboxing adventures already!

We spent one say on Sanibel Island. You did not care at all that it was cool out side and the water was fridged! You just wanted to jump in the waves! You had so much fun!

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You love Grandpa!!! Or as you like to call him, and uncle cashew dadadadadada.

You liked the sand a lot more then you liked it when you went to the Ocean City last year!

It got a little warmer on Friday so grandpa let you play in the hot tub! You LOVE the water. You kicked and kicked and kicked!

You also are obsessed with little bottles. Auntie thinks you are so strange some times!!

By Friday night, you were so sleepy. You sat in Grandma and Grandpa's bed and watched TV with your Bink!

All the kids in front of our house!! We will miss it and I will MISS you!

We had so much fun playing with you and watching you!!! You are getting so big. You love going outside, playing with the boys, and are always busy playing with something! You have the funniest giggle, that cracks us all up. You're basically our favorite kid ever and we can't wait to see you again REALLY soon!

Love you lots!


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