Sunday, April 26, 2009


Grandma and myself (Auntie) did something no one, including ourselves, thought we would ever do....DRIVE TO MARYLAND! In case you don't know, Maryland is very very far away from Chicago. Like 24 episodes of Handy Manny or the Mickey Mouse Club or those other crazy guys that dress up as movers or something. It is a LONG way away. We decided to drive in order to bring a bunch of stuff to you and your mommy and then Auntie went to work in Delaware while she was there. While Auntie and Mommy were at work, Grandma took care of you! During the day she got sick and decided to lay down and watch you play. To entertain you, she rolled your new play car with automatic wheels, which Pop sent you, over her head...and once she did the wheels started spinning and the car got stuck in her hair! After a trip to the neighbors, laying on their front porch while they hit the car wheels with a hammer, she finally got ran around and played like nothing happened!

We were amazed at how much like a big boy you looked and it had only been a few weeks since our last visit! We visited you around the same time last year and you were just a baby, check out the old post.

You're a TV this picture you are watching 'What Not To Wear'

After a few short days, we were back in the car driving all the way home to Chi-town...I'm pretty sure you were all set to go with us and we wish you could too!


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