Sunday, April 12, 2009


On the Friday before my Birthday, you and your mommy flew to Chicago and REALLY surprised me for my Birthday (which number shall not be named). You came to my office and hid in a conference room and when I went in, there you were staring back up at me! WOW! I was so surprised and happy to see you that I cried!

While Mommy, Uncle John, and I went to my big kid Birthday party in Chicago, you went home with Grandma and Grandpa. Your very first sleep over!!! You had a great time! Grandma and Grandpa let you stay up way to late and hang out with them. I'm not sure who had a better time you or them!

On Saturday, we all went to Tyson's Tenders, a Train themed restaurant where the train actually brings out your meal. You thought it was SO cool! You had a hard time taking it all in!

You acted like such a big kid! After lunch you and I rode the train together, you really liked it (auntie did too).

You are looking more and more like a KID and not a baby. You learned tons of new words just in the last month and I think my favorite is when you walk around and say...'tickle, tickle, tickle'.
You also insisted on playing rock band with the big kids, so we started you out on a starter kit.
You were really proud of yourself for hanging in there with the big guys!

The Easter Bunny visited Grandmas gave your horse loves.

You tested out a peep too! You weren't really a big fan.

Later on in the weekend, you thought you were good enough for the really drum kit.

All that drumming really had you tuckered out.

Auntie had a GREAT Birthday weekend. Thank you so much for flying out to see me. You are the best kid ever.


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