Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Angel!

Well, as any first birthday should go, it was full of many celebrations!

Grammie Jeannie and Poppa Leggs were here to help celebrate early in July. Presents and cake were abundant.
Don't dare take the cake away from this girl, you may lose your arm!

As long as she's not doing this in appreciation of her presents when she's 16, I think we'll be OK.

Two days before the BIG birthday, we took Allie to the emergency room. Pop was taking Allie out of the car and she got her fingers caught in the door. We thought she might need stitches and maybe her finger was broken. Turns out, they just super glued her finger and although initially they thought it was broken, we found out at her follow up appointment it was not.

The final Birthday Celebration was at Aunt Joan's house. A simple celebration with the family here; swimming in the pool, eating good food, and of course cake.

She just loved having everyone sing to her. I think that was probably her highlight.

OH! That, and being the princess!

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