Friday, December 2, 2011

Four Year Old!

I can't believe it!  We have a 4 year old!  For the past couple weeks he has really been focused on being a "big boy".  As excited as I am to see him growing up and experiencing new things, I really just want him to stop.  I want him to stay little and always be my best bud! 

He is such a great big brother and loves Allie so much and she loves him. She gets so excited when she hears him coming.  I think sometimes she will jump off the changing table while I'm changing her because she's so excited he's coming.  She also gets really upset if he doesn't come, sometimes I have to call him in to come talk to her just so she'll stop crying.  She loves being around him.  I hope that lasts, although I'm not that naive.  I just want them to be friends and watch out for each other. 

We are going out to dinner tonight to Brooms Blooms.  Max loves their icecream and they have a train display set up right now for Christmas, so perfect for a 4 year olds birthday!  Tomorrow we are going bowling and his friend Landon is coming.  He is so excited he can hardly stand it!  He has told everyone he is going tomorrow for his birthday! 

He did get to open a few small things this morning before preschool.  He was really very excited.  OH!  And this 4 year old loves Mater!  (Check out the slippers)

Happy Birthday Buddy!  We love you!

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