Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visiting the man in the red suit

Well with Birthday and Christmas celebrations in abundance we nearly missed going to see Santa. Allie probably would have been happier if we did. She did not like Santa at all. Max has always loved Santa so he was excited. The mall here has a great display for kids. There is a giant mailbox and when you put your letter in snow puffs out, there is a naughty/ nice meter to let you know what Santa thinks, and it snows every few minutes. So neat!

Max could have sat and talked with Santa forever.  Momma was anxious because of the long line waiting and watching, but Santa didn't seem to mind.  I asked Max what he told Santa he wanted and he said he wanted "all the toys in the book".  Santa asked, "Even the girl toys?"  "No, Silly Santa"
This was a much happier Allie after she pouted through getting her picture taken!  She kept taking her hand off the candy cane and it looked like she was smoking it.  It was hilarious, everytime I tried to get her picture, she would put her hand back up.

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