Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not Too Much Longer

Well your daddy says, maybe you are just easy going like him and just hanging out. Grandma Jeannie says we need to light a fire under you (and your daddy) to get you moving. After much excitement and anticipation, if you don't arive by Monday December 3rd, that is your official arrival date. As much as I would have liked you to be here before December it looks like you are going to take your own sweet time. I just hope you are as easy going out of the womb as you are in.

We are so excited to meet you...everyone is so excited to meet you and see if you have red hair or not, or just see what you look like. I hope you like people, because there are going to be LOTS of people around loving you up. Don't be scared, they don't bite...ok, well, all of them don't bite, but Grandpa Coconut Head and your Daddy may nibble your ears a bit. It doesn't hurt, I promise.

We love you!


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