Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kingdom for Kids

We have had tickets for Dutch Wonderland all season and finally took the kids (OK Max) on a surprise trip there on Saturday (more on this below).  We had such a great time, only rode about 4 things, and then it down poured.  We got rain tickets so there will definitely be a take two for this trip! 

On the way there we saw this sign...In case you can't read it it says Look Left- Right- Left Before Pulling Out.  We got the biggest kick out if'd think that would be common sense?

I could not believe that my Max, who is very timid about things, wanted to go on every single ride, we will be going back so he can do just that!  He is a little too small for the BIG roller toaster (coaster), and the little one was "Temporarily Out of Service", so hopefully when we go back that will be in order.

 Max and Daddy on the The Twister:

 Max, Daddy and Allie on the Fun Slide:

 Max, finally getting to ride a pony:

The Merry-go-Round:  Funny story for this.  Michael was on one of the horses with Allie and the old man running the ride said, "One Rider per Horse Sir"  Michael sort of looked at him funny and he repeated himself, so Michael got off the horse and held Allie on the horse, she was not pleased and he ended up having to hold her during the ride because she didn't really like it.  What is so funny to me is that most men who would be riding with their kids weigh more than Michael and Allie combined.  Just got a kick out of it.

Mommy and Max on the Kite Flight:

Another quick story: The outlets are right across the street from Dutch Wonderland.  When we were trying to pull out on the main drag there was a ton of traffic and this BIG charter bus was about two cars behind us and honking at all of us to get out, well, there was no where to get out.  The bus all the sudden pulls up next to us and then just pulls out in front of all these cars, blocking everyone without a care in the world, it was so funny and scary all at the same time.  We were thankful he blocked the traffic so we could get out.  Then, Max sees the outlets and was really excited that we were going to go shopping!  We were cracking up then I told him to look out the other window and there's this HUGE Castle and a big roller coaster.  He immediately of course wanted to go to that place and ride all the rides.  He could not believe it when we told him we were NOT going to the outlets to go shopping, but to Dutch Wonderland instead!

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