Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Max goes to Preschool

The preschool Max goes to does this gradual entry thing, so the official first full-day of preschool isn't until next Wednesday, but we are doing this now.  Today was the day Max got to go to school for one hour, with mommy.  I don't think he really wanted me there, but oh well.  He is so excited to go by himself, I think he even thinks the gradual entry is a little silly.  Friday he will go one hour by himself.

See how excited he is!  LOL! 

Based on our class today I have a feeling Max is going to be "that kid".  Oh boy!  I hope they help him out and don't get too frustrated with him.  I can not tell you how many times he said "Mrs. Messick, Excuse me Mrs. Messick" in the hour we were there.  I kept poking him or tugging on his shirt to get him to be quiet.  All I really wanted to do was crawl under the table!  At least he was being polite...HA!

On Friday he can bring a stuffed animal, next Wednesday is Red day, so he can wear a Red shirt.  Mommy had to make Red play dough for this Friday.  Hopefully this new calendar I made will help us keep it all straight!  Geesh!

P.S.  You know you've officially started school when there are 4 Scholastic book order forms in your cubbie the first day of school ;)

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