Friday, September 2, 2011


Well, Allie is quite active lately, still not walking, but that's really OK with me for now.  I did put her in the playpen the other day because she was trying to sit on the Roomba, play with my computer cord, etc. all while I was working from home in the afternoon.  While in the playpen, she pulled herself up to stand.  Now I am putting her in there all the time.  She continues to pull herself up, problem with that is, she can't figure out how to sit back down and she just screams and cries :(

Max OH Max.  Boy is this kid hilarious!  I have to admit I'm a little nervous for him to start preschool in a couple weeks.  Not because I'm worried about him in the slightest.  I think he is so ready and I think he will do really well.  He is just so smart and talkative that I am worried that he will dominate the class or correct his teacher or, oh I don't many things.

Here are a couple examples:

Earlier this week he must have gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  His underwear and pajama bottoms were on the bathroom floor.  He was yelling in his room for someone to come open his door.  We have turned his door knob around so his lock is on the outside and he somehow locked it before going back to bed.  In his room, he has all new pajama bottoms on, yes, he takes it upon himself in the middle of the night to change his clothes, because he "dribbled" on the old ones.  On the way to daycare, I explained to him that he must have locked the door before going back in his room.  He told me No, a Monster must have done it.  To which I replied, no, there are no monsters at my house.  I've sent all monsters away and told them they weren't allowed at my house.  He then asked, "Did you use Monster Spray?".  Mind you, I've never mentioned the use of such a thing.  "Of course I've used Monster Spray," I said, "but, how do you know about that, only Mommies know about Monster Spray."  Max: "Yes, Mommies and really smart kids, I'm a really smart kid, that's how I know about Monster Spray".

At the grocery store I was in the candy isle getting Michael some candy and Max said he'd like some Lifesavers.  I gave in because he had been really good.  I asked if he wanted regular or chewy...chewy.  Tropical or Original?  Original (more like Owijinal) to which a lady in the isle chuckled and said "I bet those are Dewishis".  Max sort of looked at her funny and said, "I think you mean DeLicious".  LOL!

Oh boy!

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