Friday, September 23, 2011

Max stories

Why the Evergreen Never Loses I'ts Leaves:
Max's teacher read him this poem the other day in preschool.  When I picked the kids up from daycare that evening Max was asking me all sorts of questions about pine needles and I really had no idea where it was coming from.  I asked him if his teacher read him a story he said she did and when I asked him what it was about he started reciting the story to me.  He went through a few different animals always saying "can I use your tree to rest my tired wings (or something else)".  I didn't know anything about the poem, or the story, but turns out, he must have really been listening.  It was funny to hear him tell his version of this story.  He's quite the story teller.

On the way to daycare this morning we heard the DJ on the radio telling about the satellite that is supposed to come back to earth.  The DJ said, "The satellite is about the size of a school bus circling in space".  Max shot up real straight, said "There's a school bus circling space!"  I burst out laughing, and told him no.  He said, "I heard him, that's what he said".  I then repeated what the man actually said and that started a whole host of questions.  What's a satellite?  Are their aliens in space?  Oh, my goodness.  He's just so funny.

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